Rear Panel

For audio outputs, the uppermost connector is the left channel.

Front Panel

Master Volume slider Solo button Button 1 = Rotary fast/slow Button 2 = Vibrato on/off Button 3 = Chorus/Vibrato Button 4 = Vibrato depths 1/2/3 Button 5 = Percussion on/off Button 6 = Percussion volume loud/soft Button 7 = Percussion decay fast/slow Button 8 = Percussion pitch high/low
Mixdown button Fader 1 Fader 2 Fader 3 Fader 4 Fader 5 Fader 6 Fader 7 Fader 8
MIDI faders button

Mode Buttons

Program Mode/Mute 1/Zoom - MIDI Mode/Previous Page/Gain - Channel/Bank
Setup Mode/Mute 2/Zoom + Master Mode/Mark/Gain +
Quick Access Mode/Mute 3/Sample Sec Song/Jump/Link Layer/Zone
FX/FX Bypass DISK/Compare
Record Play/Pause Stop Edit

LCD Display

The display has six soft buttons underneath, numbered 1 through 6, left to right.

Cursor Keys

The cursor keys are arranged as a diamond layout to the right of the display. The button on its own below the down cursor is the Exit button.

Data Wheel

There are two buttons below the data wheel: left = minus, right = plus.


1 A B C 2 D E F 3 G H I
4 J K L 5 M N O 6 P Q R
7 s t u 8 v w x 9 y z
Plus/Minus and Upper/lower case 0 Space bar
Cancel Enter

Left of Keyboard


Turn on MIDI Button Notification

  1. Press MIDI Mode
  2. Press 7 down cursors to "Buttons"
  3. Move data wheel to "On"

Hhard Reset

  1. Turn off
  2. Turn on
  3. During "please wait" message press Exit - brings up "Diagnostics"
  4. Choose "hard reset" (Get to "Reset" option by pressing a single right cursor)
  5. Press Enter to activate
  6. Press up & down cursors together to confirm
  7. When done, choose the "Run System" option to continue use