Disting EX

P encoder V encoder
SD card slot Display
L knob R knob
In 5 socket In 6 socket
In 1 socket In 3 socket
In 2 socket In 4 socket
Out 1 socket Out 3 socket
Out 2 socket Out 4 socket

ES3 Mk4 ADAT to Eurorack

the ES-3 has its ADAT input on the left, and on the right a column of 8 outputs.

ES6 Mk2 Eurorack to ADAT

The ES-6 has 6 jack inputs, and an ADAT output at the bottom.

ES7 CV Input Expander

The ES-7 has 2 jack inputs.


X in Out 1 (red=positive, blue=negative)
Y in Out 2 (red=positive, blue=negative)
LED A (blue) LED 1 (red) Out 3 (red=positive, blue=negative)
LED B (blue) LED 2 (red) Out 4 (red=positive, blue=negative)
LED C (blue) LED 3 (red) Out 5 (red=positive, blue=negative)
LED D (blue) LED 4 (red) Out 6 (red=positive, blue=negative)
LED E (blue) LED 5 (red) Out 7 (red=positive, blue=negative)
LED F (blue) LED 6 (red) Out 8 (red=positive, blue=negative)
LED G (blue) LED 7 (red)
LED H (blue) LED 8 (red)
Connection state LED (red) MIDI traffic LED (red)
Rotary encoder.


Small button Encoder
USB-A X in
USB-C Y in Out 3 (red=positive, blue=negative)
Out 1 Out 5
Out 2 Out 6
Out 3 Out 7
Out 4 Out 8

FHX-8CV CV Expander

FHX-8GT Gate Expander

MIDI BreakOut